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Welcome to 50prompts: a fanfiction & original fiction writing challenge. We accept all types of genres, pairings, and ratings.
01. You must be a member of the community in order to make a claim.
02. No RPF/RPS is allowed. However we do accept original characters within an established fandom and original ficiton.
03. We accept all ratings, pairings, characters, and genres. Please ensure that you are using appropriate labels and ratings when posting. For example, if your fic contains graphic violence or sex, please include this in your header and ensure that your rating is suitable for your fic.
04. Please include spoiler warnings as necessary.
05. All fics should be placed under a lj-cut with the exception of a header. All fic-related graphics should also be placed under the cut. Fake cuts to personal/writing journals/communities are allowed. Please do not link back to locked communities.
06. Members are allowed to have two claims at the same time.
07. Two members are allowed to have the same claim at the same time.
08. Although there is no real time line, members should post their first fic within two months of their claim being approved.
09. All fics should be a minimum of 100 words in length and there is no maximum.
10. When posting, please use the following header:

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