Feb. 17th, 2009

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Title: Love Story
Part one: Ashlee and Coop in the eighteen hundreds (1889 to be exact)

Word Count: 1796
Warnings: This is an AU/AR story. The rating might get upped later
Character/Fandom: Ashlee Wolfe, Guiding Light
Summary: Some love stories are timeless
Disclaimer: Only the idea belongs to me. All the characters are owned by CBS, P and G daytime and others
Rating: PG
Prompt: Yesterday

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Title: Love Story
Part: Empty World
Author:[personal profile] jailynn24</lj> 
Word Count: 2257
Prompt: Today
Warning: Some angst, the story was based on an idea from Aus
Rating: PG
Summary: Ashlee falls a part as Coop slips away...or does he?
Disclaimer: Not mine
Claim/Fandom: Ashlee Wolfe, Guiding Light

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Title: Love Story
Part: Neverending Story
Author:[personal profile] jailynn24 
Word Count: 4071
Prompt: Tomorrow
Warning: Unbeta'd, part of a series
Rating: PG
Summary: Their story will never end, true love never does
Claim/Fandom: Ashlee Wolfe, Guiding Light
Disclaimer: I really don't own them...unfortunately. song belongs to Taylor Swift

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