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Title: Their Contract: Mai Kashiwagi #1 - Fire
Author: reafterthought
Fandom: Darker than Black
Pairing/Characters: Mai Kashiwagi
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Darker Than Black, or any of the characters depicted within this fic unless stated otherwise. I own the plot except where it is canonical - to make it simple, I own everything you don't recognise.
Warnings: a little girl playing with fire, and a little apathy.
Notes: Written for 50prompts, prompt table #3. Crossposted to fanfiction.net. The only spoiler in this would be, funnily enough, the title.

Their Contracts
Mai Kashiwagi #1: Fire

The fire danced in her palms and she guided its flickering fingers with her will. It bent for her, the faint outline of white keeping its trembling form defined.

She wondered if she should smile at it. A small part of her wanted to, wanted to let a childish giggle slip past her lips. The rest of her saw no need; there was no-body to bear witness to her, no-body to comment on her sudden detachment from others, others who bore no consequence to her.

There was the fire, but the fire was under her control. It came from her as well, and although she could explain how it seemed only natural she could procure it with ease. Direct it as well, and with little cost to herself.

There seemed no logical reason behind it, but the fire was ever changing. She parted her lips, the beginnings of a song hovering upon them, and relinquished a little of her control. The fire danced on, now a little more privy to the wind and less to herself, and she watched it a little longer.

Purpose, action, and consequence. The latter two were of no problem to her, but the former she was yet to understand.

She opened her cupped hands, allowing cinders of flame to fall. They sought out the dry grass, hungrily devouring the fuel before she mentally clenched. Soonafter, the wind came to sweep up the ashes by her feet.

There certainly wasn't a reason to summon the fire, to control it…but there wasn't a reason not to either. Maybe it was like a toy she had been given, to play with until the heart reached a condition of contentment…except there was no rationality in defining that level.

Humans simply did not feel "content". It was an aspiration that lead those who chose it to their downfall.